The Science program is delivered by a Science specialist teacher, who collaborates with professional organisations and uses research data to provide a science program that inspires students, encourages them to be inquisitive about the world around them and nurture their innate curiosity.

The West Australian Curriculum is taught through engaging hands on science investigations which encourage inquiry based learning, critical thinking and relates to the real world. The curriculum supports students to develop the scientific knowledge, understandings and skills to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues and to participate, if they so wish, in science-related careers.

Students are taught four core areas of Science Understanding. These are biological sciences, earth and space sciences, chemical sciences and physical sciences. Three inter-related strands of Science understanding, Science as a human endeavour and Science inquiry skills are also included in the curriculum.

In addition to the content in the West Australian Curriculum, learning programs are supported by a range of resources including Primary Connections and International websites such as Discover E, Science buddies and NASA Space place. Critical thinking and the development of a problem-solving approach is incorporated into student learning, including opportunities for students to practice the skills of communication and collaboration. Creativity is further enhanced by using ‘5E’ model (engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate), preparing our students to be fully equipped to embrace the new work capabilities for future.

Science 1