The Languages Curriculum Area has been implemented at West Leeming Primary School from the beginning of 2018. This is in alignment with the new Languages WA Curriculum and it will be taught from Years 3-6 once a week for one hour. Students will also have the exciting opportunity to continue learning French at Leeming Senior High School.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language

There are many advantages to learning a second language, these include:

  • The development of a multicultural mindset.
  • An appreciation for diversity and the development of an intercultural capability.
  • Strengthening of students’ intellectual, analytical and reflective capabilities and enhancement of their creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Extending students’ literacy repertoires.
  • Developing students’ intercultural understanding and sense of identity.
  • Understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication.
  • Boosting creativity and self-confidence.
  • Supporting and improving first-language acquisition and development; and
  • Preparing students for life in our current global community, amongst others.
Languages (French) 1