Phonics and literacy development in the early years
In the early years, (Kindergarten to Year 1) teachers use the Letters and Sounds program to develop phonological knowledge through explicit teaching and a range of multisensory activities. The development of for early literacy occurs through teaching and learning programs using the Early Years Learning Framework, Western Australian Curriculum (Pre-primary to Year 1) and the Kindergarten Guidelines (Kindergarten).  Alongside establishing the foundations of functional literacy skills, these key documents incorporate learning experiences that develop student interests and assists them to construct their identity and understanding of the world around them.

Writing: A connected instructional framework
The West Leeming Writing Instructional Framework is implemented across all classes from years 1 to 6. This framework incorporates six instructional procedures. These procedures are used to introduce writing forms to students and consolidate their understanding through familiarising, analysing, modelling and sharing, followed by guided practice and independent writing. 

In addition to the Instructional Framework, a writing forms Scope and Sequence assists year level teachers to develop writing lessons that are aligned across the school.

Reading- guided instruction
Daily reading is implemented in all year levels, incorporating Guided Reading as a key teaching strategy in developing both comprehension and fluency.  In addition to class-based reading instruction, the Cars and Stars program is used from years 1 to 6 to explicitly teach core reading strategies at each student’s individual level of development. This ensures explicit instruction occurs across all year levels and our students develop a common language when learning to comprehend texts.  

Spelling is explicitly taught using a structured, systematic approach to further develop graphophonic knowledge, morphology and etymology.   This approach to the teaching of spelling skills and understandings is designed is to engage our students in learning to spell by exposing them to developmentally challenging learning activities. Teaching and learning programs follow a school-developed spelling scope and sequence from year 2 to year 6, based on the skills outlined in the West Australian curriculum. This scope and sequence complements the Letters and Sounds program used in the early years (up to year 1) to consolidate pre-spelling understandings.

Grammar and Punctuation
Grammar and punctuation are taught using a school-developed spelling scope and sequence from year 1 to year 6, based on the skills outlined in the West Australian curriculum. Strategies to explicit integrate grammar and punctuation into writing text forms are also incorporated into teaching and learning programs using the WA Department of Education Grammar and Punctuation toolkits.

Literacy 1