At West Leeming Primary School, we recognise that early childhood is a vital period in children’s learning and development. We offer a mixed pedagogy (teaching and learning approach) which is evidence based best practice, child centred and includes inquiry play-based learning programs and explicit instruction.

“Play-based learning capitalises on children’s natural inclination to be curious, explore and learn. Children actively construct their own understandings that contribute to their own learning. In play experiences children integrate their emotions, thinking and motivation that assists to strengthen brain functioning. They exercise their agency, intentionality, capacity to initiate and lead learning, and their right to participate in decisions that affect them, including about their learning.”- Early Years Learning Framework 2022

Literacy and numeracy concepts are explicitly taught in K-2 classroom through numerous educational opportunities, including inquiry based investigative play. Teachers set provocations which allow students to actively construct their own understanding and contribute to others’ learning. Students have agency, capacity to initiate and lead, collaborate and reflect on their learning. Through engaging environments students explore and investigate learning experiences which are authentic and build on explicit concepts taught.

Teachers develop high quality teaching and learning programs which are stimulating and maximise opportunities for students to enhance and extend their understanding, guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards and follows the West Australian Curriculum and Kindergarten Guidelines.

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